AutoMTO - Digitizing P&ID and Scaling up the Oil & Gas sector

About AutoMTO

AutoMTO helps to flexibly handle project-wise P&ID's from the specific legend sheet. Apart from the legend sheet, these P&ID sheets come with different sizes, specifications that have to be taken into account before digitizing any P&ID. This part is taken care of by AutoMTO, as it automatically factors in all the sizes and types to digitize P&ID and then create MTO.

Risk factors met by AutoMTO

During the proposal stage, EPC service providers are battling risks on two fronts,
  • To detect all the symbols correctly and create an MTO
  • To propose a competitive bid and successfully take over the project with accurate costs and proposal submissions.

100% Accuracy with Human Interaction

In a high-risk scenario, bringing human factors into the system to make it a 0 risk process. The key is to leverage ML for repetitive tasks that are error-prone for humans, based on the sheer number of instances to be identified. We bring in human-in-the-loop features to mitigate this risk, which closes the gap of machine understanding and human engineer understanding and thus taking the accuracy to 100%.

Revision Control Management and Query-able database

The client has everchanging demands, these changes from the client are reflected in the latest P&ID sheets which are handed over to EPC engineers. To track these changes engineers manually have to go through the P&ID sheets and then account for these changes. This process is tiresome and time-consuming.

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Aim of AutoMTO

AI system that is able to monitor and track any changes made on the previous version of P&ID with revision control management feature.

This feature delivers high flexibility to the human engineers, by resolving this task in a few seconds.

AutoMTO stores all the information of the past projects from P&ID in a structured way.

With AutoMTO, the process of tracking all the past unique occurrences in P&ID and then making them searchable

Saves both time and resources whenever such an issue is encountered in the current project.