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Smart, diary-like system that effortlessly organizes and retrieves your daily activities and information with cutting-edge Retrieval-Augmented Generation techniques.



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This start up is dedicated to revolutionizing personal documentation with advanced technology solutions, making every day journaling seamless and secure



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Our project, a Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) system, acts as a smart, personalized archive. It logs daily activities and information efficiently and facilitates swift retrieval of past records, ensuring essential information is readily accessible when needed.

Project Goals


Seamless Logging: Log user journal entries through voice transcription, ensuring easy and efficient documentation of daily activities and thoughts.


Privacy and Security: Offer a fully secure service by storing all data in the user's personal cloud storage, such as Google Drive, to maintain privacy and control.


Digital Clone Functionality: Enable users to index and search through their recorded thoughts, which may include audio clips, photos, and location data.


Generate Insights: Provide summaries of thoughts and mood indicators, and assist with tasks like drafting emails and managing to-do lists.

Business Challenges


Privacy Assurance: Ensure the highest level of privacy for the intimate act of journaling by utilizing the user’s own Google Drive, with limited app access permissions.


Speech-to-Text Consistency: Overcome inconsistencies in native Speech-to-Text functionality, especially on Android, where developers face challenges in recording sound and transcribing simultaneously.


Our team developed an innovative Retrieval-Augmented Generation system that combines the intuitive ease of a personal diary with the robust capabilities of modern AI. This system transforms traditional journaling, integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance user interaction and data management.

Key Features


Effortless Recording: We designed a user-friendly interface that simplifies logging daily activities, making it as easy and familiar as writing in a personal diary.


Efficient Information Organization and Retrieval: Incorporating OpenAI's API for advanced indexing and utilizing ChatGPT for superior search capabilities, our system efficiently organizes and retrieves pertinent information from user entries.


User-Friendly Interaction: Enhanced with features such as contact integration and query-based search, our system allows users to easily interact with their journal entries. This makes finding and connecting with stored information both intuitive and quick, significantly streamlining the retrieval process



Efficient Record Keeping and Retrieval: Seamlessly logs daily activities and enables quick access to past entries, ensuring crucial information is always readily available.


Enhances Productivity: Streamlines the process of finding and using historical data, significantly improving efficiency and decision-making. This not only makes personal documentation more accessible but also enhances the overall user experience by integrating everyday tasks into a cohesive digital diary platform.

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