Posture Estimation: Harnessing ML for Personalized Physiotherapy

Empowering exercise perfection with AI-driven real-time pose estimation, providing interactive visual feedback for correct posture and effective workouts.



Client and Industry

An app-based healthcare company is pioneering the use of machine learning to identify postural problems, suggest appropriate physiotherapy exercises, and provide users with real-time feedback to maintain correct posture during exercises.



Business Type




Our Role

We collaborated with the client to train and test machine learning models aimed at identifying posture, in addition to developing a robust mobile application to ensure seamless system functionality.

Project Goals


Postural Assessment: Provide users with a straightforward, self-directed assessment to pinpoint postural irregularities.


Enhance Exercise Effectiveness: Ensure users perform exercises with correct form and posture, maximizing exercise benefits and minimizing risk of injury.


Real-Time Feedback: Provide immediate, accurate feedback on posture during exercises to guide users.


Support Rehabilitation and Functional Training: Offer guidance for therapeutic routines, aiding users in rehabilitation and enhancing functional fitness.

Business Challenges


Accuracy of Pose Estimation: Developing a machine learning model capable of accurately recognizing and analyzing human body motion and posture across a diverse set of exercises and body types.


User Engagement and Retention: Ensuring the solution is user-friendly and engaging enough to keep users motivated and consistently using the tool.


Data Privacy and Security: Safeguarding user data, especially sensitive information derived from analyzing users' physical activity, conformant to HEPA guidelines.


The system utilizes machine learning, specifically temporal video analysis, to provide real-time posture corrections. Trained on an extensive dataset collected and annotated in-house, it accurately identifies human anatomical and motion details, enabling precise body landmark tracking and posture adjustments.

Interactive visual feedback is central to the system, highlighting posture accuracy and enhancing exercise techniques. This approach not only improves unsupervised workouts but also supports therapeutic routines, promoting overall health and wellness with personalized fitness coaching through cutting-edge technology.

Key Features


Core ML Algorithms: Enable instant visual feedback, overlaying dynamic corrections on the user's image to guide proper posture and technique.


Interactive Guide: Transforms exercise routines with a real-time, interactive guide, ensuring correct posture and technique.


Personalized Recommendations: Offers exercise recommendations and detailed guidance for therapeutic routines, supporting rehabilitation and functional training.



Our client is able to provide a low cost scalable physiotherapy solution for physical rehabilitation without the need of an in-person trainer.


The solution transforms workouts by offering a technologically advanced, personalized fitness coach that guides users through exercises with step-by-step instructions, ensuring optimal posture and technique.

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